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Your Questions Answered

These are Real Audio ® files and require the Real Player ® which you can get from the link above or set your browser to: They are of about 12 minutes each and are setup to stream. This means that they will begin playing as they are downloading. ;-)

Please, do not redistribute these works for money without prior arrangements with the copyright holders.


These great songs are from my friends at Woodlawn Church!


Then and Only Then | I've Won | The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling
Calvary Came Through | It Must Have Been You | Say Amen
I Want Jesus | You Can't Hurry God | What a Mighty God
I Came to Magnify

The Battle | I'm Living in Glory | Hallowed by Thy Name | Peace Speaker
Everybody Let's Praise the Lord | Just Keep Praising Him | God is Just a Prayer Away | The Promise | He's Done Something Good For Me
Welcome to His Presence | No wonder


Walk on Water | To the Cross | You're My Brother | Angels in Heaven
A Man After God's Own Heart | Then Came the Morning
Home at Last | I Still Do | He Took the Chains
Campmeeting days

Due to the overwhelming response to the music above, I need to clear up a thing or two. ;-) I am not a member of this church (they are in Mississippi and I live in Ohio), though I would would probably 'fit right in' (I even have the 'Southern accent' ;-). I might drop in on them sometime, Lord willing, but they are the ones who made and produce this "Class A #One" Gospel!!! They have all the info on the CDs and the lyrics and the sound tracks and the proper use and all. They are, "Right nice folks" so they will help!

I hope to have some from my church soon, Lord willing, and if you know of any others that wish to have their music (Oneness only ;-) posted here, let me know.

Also, I can offer 'some' help on the audio end and the posting of the Real Audio ® files to stream. I have Cake Walk Pro and make song/drum tracks and the like (Samples soon) ....

These are mine

Sound Tracks and Instrumentals

Amazing Grace

Get Saved!

If you have any questions at all write me!


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