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Your Questions Answered


  1. Are you tired of living the way you are now?
  2. Would you change if you could?
  3. Do you believe that Jesus can make this change possible?

If you have answered yes to all three of these questions then say this or something like it to God. You admit that He is real by believing He can do what you are about to ask!

LORD Jesus Christ, I forsake my life of sin and would have you as my Supreme Master. Lead me now to an assembly in which I may be conformed to the image of your death in repentance; conformed to the image of your burial by submersion in water with your name: Jesus Christ, spoken over me to have my sins paid for by Your sacrifice, and that I be conformed to your resurrection by receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Upon receipt of this gift Lord, give me the strength to be conformed to newness of life in You that I may proclaim the good news through the faith that comes from rich experience.

Once you have done this, then totally surrender yourself to Jesus and don't be surprised or scared if you feel an overpowering love wash over you and you begin to speak in a language foreign to you . Let them both flow! If this happens to you, you still need water baptism by emersion with the name of Jesus Christ spoken over you to accept the payment for your sins up to this point: Acts 2:38&39. God will give you the Gift of the Holy Ghost which is His own Spirit to lead you and give you the ability to be released from the bondage of sin.

Upon receipt of this gift you will speak in a language unknown to you. You don't have to be taught this or do anything but surrender your will to God. Baptism in water in the name of Jesus Christ is the rebirth of the water and the infilling of the Holy Ghost is the rebirth of the Spirit: John 3:5. You may receive the Spirit upon your repentance or at your baptism but it may not happen today or even tomorrow, but it will happen. After baptism you must confess all of your day to day sins to Jesus so He can give you the ability to turn from them and forgive you, as you forgive others in the newness of His divine Love! This allows Jesus to act as your "lawyer" so to speak, for the sins you will commit from the time of your baptism on. This is how you "remain in Christ" or stay saturated with the Spirit of God.

Sin separates us from God but Jesus separates us from sin by pointing to the price He paid on the cross.

E-mail me and I will help you find an assembly in your area that follows the doctrine of Jesus and the Apostles. There really is no other way to be saved.

Organizations that stick to this teaching are the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, the United Pentecostal Church and the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you go to one of these assemblies and they vary from the procedure above write me so that I might alert the proper people! If the situation isn't fixed I will remove that organization from my list. If you know of others that preach and adhere to this doctrine, write me and I will check them out and add them.

Read the Bible even if you do not understand it at first. You will never understand all of the Bible in this life but I can guarantee you will always find what you need as well as much you can use and enjoy!

Now do what you would do any other time you run across a deal that is too good to be true but that turns out to be true after all: Tell someone! After all you have just traded your sins for eternal life in God's presence!

Stay in touch with the Lord by prayer and if God wills, with me by E-mail!

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