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A teenage boy was walking down a beach one mild summer day. As he walked, he noticed that the beach was covered with hundreds of starfish. He would pick one up at random and throw it back into the sea.

A man watched as the young man threw the starfish back into the ocean and walked over and said, "Son, there are hundreds of starfish on the beach. You can't possibly throw them all back. What difference is your effort going to make to all these starfish?"

The boy picked up another starfish and tossed it into the sea and said, "Well, it makes a difference to that one!"

Sadly, this is how many of us feel about the circumstances at the River Valley High School campus. With all of the political solutions and all of the posturing of officials, the children are still in danger at the campus due to all the toxic waste dumped there by the US Army.

While we can't, at this point, get all of the children moved, we have already set in motion means to move the kids, one at a time, who wish to be freed from exposure to these toxins.

While we are not giving up on a broader solution, we will not miss the chance to help those individuals who wish to move their children out of harm's way, now!

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